EDITORIAL: Stephanie Marohn, The editor of Audacious Aging has been writing for decades. The author of seven books (including The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism, The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder, and Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies) and more than fifty magazine and newspaper articles, her work has also been included in poetry, prayer, and travel-writing anthologies. She is currently writing a novel, The Animal Messengers, about pivotal mystical events throughout human history as told by animals, and a nonfiction book, Crossroads and Awakenings, about how people come to spirituality. E Mail Stephanie

TYPESETTER: Karin Kinsey has had her own graphic design business since 1994. She is the former art director and editorial designer for Common Ground magazine and Specialty Travel Index, an adventure travel publication. Her love for marine mammal life has led her to writing and producing the book Dancing on Water and leading annual dolphin adventure trips to the Caribbean.E Mail Karin

ILLUSTRATOR: Award-winning fine artist, Nan Sea Love enthusiastically blends her design and typesetting skills with meticulous artistry-visually enhancing all she does. Nan Sea has many years graphics experience. A partial list of her clients includes the U.S. Postal Service, Pacific Bell Yellow Pages, HearthSong, CA State Parks and Recreation and the Gandhi Memorial Foundation.